Game Unlimited
Sporting Clays
Game Unlimited is blessed with beautiful, varying terrain which sprawls across 800 acres creating literally, a clay shooters paradise! Course design and variety is what we focus on. Our target setting team has set targets for many prestigious events including State Championships, National Championships and even World Championships.

In addition to great targets we offer our sporting patrons:
Three unique 50 bird courses, Pheasant Ridge, Cedar Hills and Woodland Hills (2 traps per station all automated)
A winter 5-Stand, enclosed, heated and utilizing 16 traps (two 8 trap presentations allowing for two difficulty levels)
A warm weather covered 5-stand with 8 traps
A FITASC practice course
Certified instructor shooting lessons for all ability levels

Sporting Clays
Open to the public

Member Pricing: .32 cents per all targets ($16 per course - 50 targets)

Non Member: .48 per target ($24 per course - 50 targets)

 Youth U-18 and women .32 cents per target ($16 per course - 50 targets)

Volume Discounts

(note 10% added to count down card for lookers and breakage)

300 - 599 targets .44 cents per clay
600 - 999 targets .40 cents per clay
1000 - 1999 targets .36 cents per clay
2000+ targets .32 cents per clay